did we all just collectively forget that elijah wood was in spy kids 3


I think the situation is more along the line of “we all just collectively forget Spy Kids 3”.


Dean smiling because of Cas in season 9


Interviewer: So have you learned anything about each other on this trip? 
Anthony: His favorite fruit is raspberries. 
Sebastian: It’s blueberries. (x)


look at this gif just look


look at this gif just look

@DiannaAgron Midnight makeovers. @davestanwell makes it happen.

@DiannaAgron Midnight makeovers. @davestanwell makes it happen.

lydia martin appreciation week: day 3 - favorite relationship/friendship


Alexis Sanchez scores his first goal for Arsenal

Endless list of beautiful footballers: Calum Chambers

"I thought it would help my career to take everything I’d learned in midfield – vision, first touch – and take it to right-back. It would help kick me on further, and the coaches supported me to adapt. As for this year, I can’t thank the manager enough for putting his faith in me and giving me the opportunity at the start of the season. I’ve seen players consistently come through the academy and into the first-team, and it has always served as an inspiration. It gives you the hope you can emulate them."